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Welcome to our website, and we appreciate your interest in learning more about Joey D Investigations. Established in 2005, our firm has been a reliable ally to both individuals and corporations worldwide. We specialize in serving legal documents, locating debtors, finding lost family members and friends, recovering property, conducting background checks for corporate clients, and carrying out an array of general investigations. With a commitment to excellence, our team applies energy, experience, and resourcefulness to every project, steadfastly dedicated to ensuring your success.


The Field On Which We Give Services

At Joey D Investigations, our distinctive expertise sets us apart from the rest. Situated in Birmingham, Alabama, we offer services across the entire state and extend our reach nationwide through a collaborative network of skilled investigators. Our relentless pursuit of being the best is evident in the honor and integrity embedded in all our endeavors.

We pride ourselves on having one of the highest success rates in process serving, coupled with our ability to obtain crucial additional information to assist you legally. Recognized for our reliability and honesty in business, we are committed to seeing every job through to completion. Our advertised promise is to locate anyone, anywhere across the nation, with an impressive 85% success rate in fulfilling this commitment.

While some individuals may prove to be more elusive—perhaps having joined a circus or chosen a life at sea—making the task of finding them more challenging, we are undeterred. Utilizing state-of-the-art technology and comprehensive databases, we persistently work to locate even the most hard-to-find individuals, even if it takes longer than anticipated. Contact us today for a complimentary consultation with an investigator regarding your specific investigative needs.