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Residential Security Services

Ensure the safety of your home and loved ones with our comprehensive residential security solutions, including surveillance systems, alarm response, and round-the-clock monitoring services.

Corporate Security Services

Protect your business assets and maintain a safe working environment with our tailored corporate security strategies, featuring access control, risk assessment, and emergency response planning.

Event Security Services

Secure your events, large or small, with our expert event security team, specializing in crowd control, entry management, and coordination with local law enforcement to provide a safe and secure environment.

Armed Security

Your First Line of Defense in a Changing World.

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Some situations call for a more discreet security presence

Lower risk

As a business owner or event promoter, you may face potential liability for damages or injuries that occur on your premises involving armed security guards. Opting for unarmed guards mitigates this risk.

A visible deterrent

Often, the mere presence of a guard, even one without arms, serves as a deterrent against crimes such as robbery, trespassing, vandalism, violence, and more.

A positive image

Are you aiming to convey a more sophisticated or welcoming image? Unarmed guards convey a less "intimidating" presence to customers, visitors, and guests, contributing to a more relaxed and inviting ambiance.

What Are the Benefits of Unarmed Security Services?

What Are the Benefits of Unarmed Security Services? Opting for unarmed security officers offers several advantages:

Reduced Liability: For business owners and event organizers, employing unarmed guards significantly lowers the risk of being held liable for damages or injuries caused by security actions, making it a safer choice in less volatile environments.

Visual Deterrent: The presence of a security guard, even unarmed, often serves as a strong deterrent against incidents like robbery, trespassing, vandalism, and violence, effectively enhancing safety.

Positive Image: Unarmed guards are perceived as less intimidating, helping to project a welcoming and approachable image. This creates a relaxed atmosphere that is more inviting to customers, visitors, and guests.

Cost-Effective: Hiring unarmed guards is generally more budget-friendly. It eliminates the costs associated with armed services, such as firearm maintenance, and often leads to lower insurance premiums.

Peace of Mind: Despite not carrying weapons, unarmed security officers are extensively trained and can respond swiftly and effectively to threats, ensuring comprehensive protection against various risks.

Unarmed security services are particularly suitable for tasks such as:

  • Access control at buildings and special events
  • General patrol and surveillance
  • Retail theft and loss prevention
  • Corporate security
  • Traffic control

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